V, is a Nigerian transplant currently residing in New York.

About V: I moved to America with my entire family 12 years ago and what initially began as a culture shock quickly ended up as a love affair with all the art and diversity New York has to offer.

Photo by Daniel Aranda
Art in all forms, especially from movies, music, fashion and body modification are the things that inspire me and are also what pulled me into the world of modeling, which I view as creating art with the human form. I’m especially enamored with tattooed models and find them to be the most strikingly dangerous and beautiful models of all…there is just something so exquisite about a body covered in ink.
I got my first tattoo 2 years ago by my favorite tattoo artist, @Joezusny, and to date, have collected 7 more and counting. I happen to be a huge movie nerd and my tattoos are a dead giveaway as they are all centered around some of my favorite films; Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Queen of the Damned and Harry Potter.
When I’m not modeling or obsessing over movies, I hand-make harnesses and chokers, go to concerts, read horror novels and collect  movie memorabilia. Some quirks I’m guilty of are wearing boots all year round, going to the beach only at night and having a  fear of styrofoam.

V_7_black_tattoo_model_feature_9-17 (1)The Tattoos:

8 tattoos;
Lord of the rings; Elvish down my spine
Earendil on my sternum
Tree of Gondor under my bellybutton
Batman; Dark Knight symbol under my left arm
Queen of the Damned; Akasha on my right rib
Vampire skull adorned with lace on my left arm
Harry Potter; Deathly Hallows on my left rib
Lace embroidery on my lower stomach

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