Sr. Editor Kim Milan ask’s jewelry designer Asia Clark about the inspiration behind her work, how she got started, and of course, about her tattoos.

Wild Moon Jewelry by Asia Clarke is a self-provocation ignited by change, challenge and the onset of womanhood. The jewelry line, imagined in the winter of 2010, was started as a form of creative bloodletting. Jewelry creation is a process of healing; being able to evoke patience, happiness and forgiveness. Wild Moon Jewelry is a proclamation of self, bravery, and inspiration. It beautifully serves as a catalyst for soul translation that Asia can share with friends, family, women, men and strangers.

What are the many things that inspire your work?

I’m inspired by other wild women who have gone before me and are around me now who have had the courage to document their soul through art. They knew that it was worth it to save their thoughts and feelings into poetry, writings, painting, jewelry, song, dance, and cooking. They knew my self-worth depended on their examples set. I’m also inspired by the wonder of mother earth, the bounty that is life and the infinity of our connections.

Why did you start creating jewelry?
I started making jewelry as a hobby when I was going through a difficult time in my life. Many endings were happening and I needed art to cope. As my personal style developed, I was encouraged by my family and friends to pursue it as a business/brand. I conceptualized Wild Moon as a testament to the growing pains of womanhood and the beauty that is in all of us.

“I’m inspired by other wild women who have gone before me and are around me now who have had the courage to document their soul through art.”

What would you say to the younger version of yourself?
I would tell younger Asia to be brave enough to say what you feel and to trust your intuition… I have spent a lot of time untangling the web of patriarchy and misogyny around me that I realize now the ways in which I have compromised myself or sold myself short in the past. However this is my path and I’m proud of younger Asia for sticking to it.
Pictured: Asia Clark 
Are there any stories that your tattoos tell about you or your art?
My first tattoos were “Sister” and “Love” on my forearms.  I have 1 younger sister, and she is my hero as much as I am hers. I was 19 years old when I got them. I was beginning to carve out a new identity for myself, beginning to rebel from my parents, to smoke weed, to wear my hair naturally, and wearing bras less and less often. My next tatts were the flowers in bloom on my chest and arms. I got those as a representation of myself flourishing in finding myself and choosing my path. A good friend of mine did these tats, and on that day she also lent me the book “Women Who Run With Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This moment, and that book would become one of the catalysts for the beginning Wild Moon Jewelry. I had a lover who believed deeply in his own spiritual power. He did I-Ching readings, followed celestial patterns and numerology. We nicknamed him “the shaman”. He once did an I-Ching reading for me for which I got hexagram 61: Inner Truth. “The force of inner truth depends chiefly on inner stability and preparedness. From this state of mind springs the correct attitude toward the outer world.” This reading really struck me, and is still an important pillar for me. I have this hexagram tattooed on my back. The logo I designed for Wild Moon is tattooed on my left hand and again on my right arm. Also on my left hand is a stick-and-poke eye on my middle finger, and on my left wrist a triangle. Symbols for calling on my female intuition and my creativity.
What was the best advice you received?
Don’t sweat the small shit!